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Malcolm Dunnachie
Owns: 204142BW  

Updated January 28th, 2023. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: 772695BW  

770044, BRG with tan interior, it is in perfect, restored condition with an original interior. I am the 4. owner, second owner hat the car from 1964 - 2010.

772695, black over grey with grey interior, very original and drives, but honestley needs to be restored....but then the original condition will be gone....

Updated December 27th, 2016. Not legal proof of ownership.

Maurice Gunderson
Owns: 992829  

Updated June 2nd, 2024. Not legal proof of ownership.

Michael Kurtzweil
Owns: P781296BW  

Updated November 2nd, 2023. Not legal proof of ownership.

michel despreaux
Owns: P219662BW  

My dream when I was a kid

Updated June 26th, 2007. Not legal proof of ownership.

Mikael Karlström
Owns: 352884DN  

British car entusiast living in Sweden. I have a Jaguar Mk X 3,8, Daimler Sovereign XJ6 L and a load of Rover P6 etc

Updated April 25th, 2017. Not legal proof of ownership.

mikey z
Owns: 1D76192BW  

Updated February 2nd, 2010. Not legal proof of ownership.

Mohammad S. Abbasi
Owns: 414747  

Mechanical Engineer by profession and a petrol head by passion.
Will be retiring soon (hopefully). Two kids, one of them graduated and the other is still in University.

Updated November 5th, 2010. Not legal proof of ownership.