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Owns: G1D77877DN  

A friend and myself are willing to register all possible MK IV and MK V in FRANCE on

Updated December 17th, 2015. Not legal proof of ownership.

Bernie Daily
Owns: 739191DN  

Updated February 28th, 2010. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: P181389  

Updated November 7th, 2015. Not legal proof of ownership.

Bill Craig
Owns: P217545BW  

Hope I can live long enough to restore all of my fleet of old Jags. Retire engineer, 4 children and 6 grandchildren who get most of the potential restoration money.

Updated May 31st, 2009. Not legal proof of ownership.

Bill Wright
Owns: S943145DN  

Restored 1960 MGA roadster, and 1959 MGA coupe, working on 1958 Jaguar MK1.

Updated October 24th, 2023. Not legal proof of ownership.

Bob Coon
Owns: P219383DN  

Updated May 28th, 2016. Not legal proof of ownership.

Brian Johnston
Owns: 233861DN  

Member of Jaguar Driver's Club of Canberra, Australia and own 3 Jagaurs - 1959 3.4 XK150S, 1965 Mk2 3.8 MOD and 2001 X-Type 2.5 Manual Sports. Involved in restoration to original specifications and matching numbers and interested in original literature and tools.

Updated August 11th, 2012. Not legal proof of ownership.